Consultation on EU Money Market Fund Regulation – legislative review

This consultation document is developed in the context of Article 46 of the MMF Regulation, which provides that “[b]y 21 July 2022, the Commission shall review the adequacy of this Regulation from a prudential and economic point of view, following consultations with ESMA”.

Responding to this paper

ESMA invites comments on all matters in this paper and in particular on the specific questions summarised in the Annex. Comments are most helpful if they:

1. respond to the question stated;
2. indicate the specific question to which the comment relates;
3. contain a clear rationale; and
4. describe any alternatives ESMA should consider.

Next Steps

ESMA will consider all comments received by 30 June.

All contributions should be submitted online at under the heading ‘Your input – Consultations’.

ESMA will consider the feedback it received to this consultation in Q2 2021 and expects to publish its opinion on the review of the MMF Regulation in the second half of 2021.

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