Steven Maijoor on Sustainable Finance at the European Financial Forum in Dublin

In his speech, Mr Maijoor focused on, amongst other issues, regulatory authorities role in tackling climate change, the need for reliable ESG standards and their supervision and the need for measures across the whole of the investment chain saying:

“The financial sector plays a pivotal role as a key transmission channel of the much-needed transformation towards a more sustainable economic system. As securities regulators this is a matter of high priority;”

“Key pillars supporting the shift towards a more sustainable financial system are the measurement, verification and disclosure of ESG factors. It is important that public authorities step in and establish robust ESG standards and supervise the relevant actors and products to prevent the risk of greenwashing;” and

“As ESMA we are committed to actively contributing to the transition to sustainability by supporting measures across the whole investment chain, engaging with all relevant stakeholders and with our colleagues within the international community of securities regulators.”

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