ESMA is seeking corporate reporting experts for stakeholder panel

The CRSC undertakes ESMA’s work on issues related to accounting (under International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS), audit, periodic financial reporting, electronic reporting developments and storage of regulated information. The CRSC contributes to and monitors regulatory developments, and establishes appropriate supervisory convergence in these areas, primarily in reference to requirements under the Transparency Directive, Accounting Directive, IAS Regulation and Audit Regulation.

ESMA has established the CWG to benefit from the expertise of stakeholders who are involved in these topics. The purpose of the CWG is to provide technical assistance to ESMA in relation to the CRSC’s work, CWG members are selected for a renewable term of two years.

Interested experts are asked to send their application to ESMA, using this form, along with their CV and letter of motivation, by 8 Februray 2019.

The current members of the CRSC CWG are listed on ESMA’s website here.

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