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Cutover plan for firms migrating to FCA FIRDS and FITRS after the Brexit transition period

At the end of the transition period on 31 December, the EU Securities & Markets Authority (ESMA) will switch off the FCA’s access to 2 key systems that are needed to operate the MiFID regime. 

We’ve built equivalent systems for UK MiFID reporting – the FCA Financial Instruments Transparency System (FCA FITRS) and FCA Financial Instruments Reference Data System (FCA FIRDS).

Firms can currently use these systems for testing, however we will be making both systems unavailable from 16 December 2020 until 2 January 2021 while we rebuild our data. We will then re-launch them with refreshed data in our production environments. 

We’ve summarised the timeline of each system’s availability and outages, and when the systems will be deployed in early January. 

Find out more about our cutover plan for FCA FIRDS and FCA FITRS.

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